March 6, 2010

Tweeted out?

by zoemichelle

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Hello from Brisbane.

I guess you have all seen the newly launched iPad now. Whilst it has got a kicking from the geeks, the marketing for it and build up has been great and the pricing is reasonable so I think there will be a storm when they are released for sale over here. I am trying to convince my husband to let me get one!!

Social Media – good use of time?

I have been thinking about social media a lot this week so thought I would base my blog on it this week. I recently sat down and worked out all the different social media platforms I am involved in whether it is for research, writing or just for fun. It’s a fair bit – well I think so!

How much is too much?

I am sure some of you are involved in more, but I am registered on: Facebook, Twitter and  LinkedIn. Then as well as that I obviously write this blog, I have another one that I write on my website as well as my millions of Google alerts, and it all adds up to quite a lot of time which (my husband would disagree) is worth it!

I am obsessed with Tweet Deck and each time my desktop tweets I get very excited and want to see what the latest news is with Apple or what’s going on in the world.

Is that a bad thing?

A friend of mine in Birmingham, UK recently campaigned on facebook to see if people could spend a whole 24 hours without using Facebook or Twitter. I crashed and burned unfortunately.

Here in Australia the internet is now the most consumed media according to a 2009 Nielson’s annual Internet and Technology survey, with the average Australian spending 16.1 hours per week using the internet. This is compared to 12 hours a week of TV, 8.8 hours of radio, 2.8 hours of reading newspapers and 2 hours reading magazines.

That’s huge.

Many Australian businesses are now recognising the importance of having an online presence and are shifting their budgets accordingly. It has taken a bit longer than the UK as I have found moving to Brisbane for example that many marketers favour the more traditional methods of marketing.

Read the full article about in bound and out bound marketing if interested-

I remember when banners were a taboo word in the UK as they supposedly didn’t bring in much revenue and were a waste of time but over here it’s social media frenzy. I am working for a radio broadcaster and publishing company at the moment and we are frantically putting our social media policy and strategy together to ensure we have all of our business units covered. It doesn’t have to be major though – look at Coca Cola’s policy .

Bye for now.

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